Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Post Grand Opening Report

Well, the grand opening was fun, we had 6 contenders for the riddle, one winner, and 136 original views to the Esty shop. No sales yet, but I am working on that.

Well, I went on a  "hunting" expedition a few days ago with my brother-in-law looking for some wood.We revved up the chain saw and set about getting some wood from the fallen and dead trees. Unfortunately, the land that we thought was open for collection of dead wood was actually private property. I guess the chain saw alerted the neighbor (of which there is only one for miles around and we just had to be within his hearing range) who promptly came down the mountain and let us know we couldn't take the manzanita from there. Looks like we need to find a different place to hunt for wood!  We did however get a couple of nice cedar logs and some pine that should make some good looking stuff.
Here are some pictures of bowls to be.
In the next day or so we'll have some new pieces up including an oak platter made from 21 pieces of oak.

Until next time, keep your tools sharp & your mouth shut. (any turners out there should know what I'm talking about)


  1. Those do look really good :)

    If that had happened to me I would have panicked! My boyfriend can contest to that lol

    But I'm happy your opening went so well, that is very exciting! I'm sure with your gorgeous work you will have several sales in no time!

  2. That is beautiful wood you got there. It will make some stunning pieces I'm sure. My husband just picked up a bunch of wood from his Dad. The stuff is roughly 50 years old and beautiful.

  3. 50 years old...that ought to be dried enough to use by now. :)